Principal’s Message: PE Highlights

Mr. Feeney makes PE fun and interesting with some creative planning and skill building. PE classes during February practiced a variety of Cooperative Games and Activities. Practicing Cooperative Activities requires students to work together, follow directions, develop strategies and demonstrate good sportsmanship. These skills transfer to all activities and situations in a student’s life.

Students are also playing a variety of team games while building individual skills. For example, students are practicing individual jump rope skills while working in a group. In Hoop Scrabble students work together in small groups. All groups practice taking turns running to get one letter and bring it to their hoop. Also students work together to cooperatively spell a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 letter word each round depending on their grade levels. Monster Stack is a favorite where students build a stack taller than their grade level. Students place one cup between the cones and jog a lap before placing another cup onto the stack.

Another small group activity is Toxic Waste. In this game students all have a rope they thread through a piece of bicycle inner tube. They pull their ropes to open the inner tube to pick up a cone and carry it to opposite end together and drop it into same colored hoop. First team to put all five cones inside hoop wins the round.

Looking ahead, PE classes will begin preparing for the Jog A Thon on April 22nd and the track meets in May by running laps. This is an exciting time as STM always performs well with record breaking performances.