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St. Thomas More Parish School 6511 176th St. SW ~ Lynnwood, WA 98037 ( 425) 743-4242

St. Thomas More Parish School provide a challenging learning environment focused on science, technology, math, arts and the integration of education in faith that inspires the joy discovery and an authentic culture of faith based on the doctrinal precepts of Catholic teaching.

Key Card: A computerized system that automatically locks the doors on campus for the safety of our staff and students. Staff members are issued magnetic card key that allows them access to all buildings. Key cards are monitored at all times.

Extended care: A program that provides professional care and supervision before and after school for students in Grades K-8. The focus is on nourishing students’ brains and bodies. Quiet homework time is part of the after-school agenda. Hours of operation are: 7:00 am to 8:15 am and 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Hot Lunch Fundraisers: Parent volunteers offer students an opportunity to purchase a lunch most Fridays. Menus and order forms go out once a month. Choices consist of pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers or chicken nuggets and a snack and beverage.

Faith Families: A cross-section of the whole of the student body, one student from each grade K-8, meeting together for faith formation activities. Eight and Seventh graders act as the “parents” providing instruction and modeling Catholic life for younger students.

Guidance Team: A team that may consist of the principal, counselor, intervention teacher, MSL teacher and others as invited. The team’s goal is to review the progress of referred students and recommend accommodations or modifications to increase academic or social/behavioral growth for the student.

Intervention Teacher: A teacher who works on the school day with individuals and small groups of students who are identified as needing support through enrichment or interventions.

Math Fluency: Timed math facts tests that provide students foundational skills based on the Common Core and required to be successful in school and in adulthood.

  • Solve problems with fluency
  • Setting goals for improvement
  • Identifies areas for instructional support
  • Provides challenge for advanced students

Mass Band: Students who play instruments during school Masses. The Band accompanies the school choir or assigned classes.

Middle School Lunch: Students in Grades six through Eight gather in Dalton Hall to eat their lunches as opposed to eating in their classrooms. Students share responsibility for leading prayer and cleaning up.

Pintler Spelling Program: The spelling curriculum used at STMS was designed by teacher Connie Pintler in 1992 as has been undergoing modifications and revisions up through the present time. The program provides a sequential phonetic approach to English spelling that includes the most common tules and generalizations, common “sight” words, and homophones. It is used with students in First through Sixth Grade.

Multisensory Structured Language (MSL): The MSL learning program is for students in Grades 1-7 who are experiencing difficulty acquiring language-based skills and are unable to reach their intellectual potential. this specialized instruction is based on the Slingerland Adaptation of the Orton-Gillingham Method, which provides sequential and simultaneous auditory, visual, and kinesthetic approach to learning. these small-group classes are taught daily and serve as the students’ language Arts program.

Parking lot: (Timed, Snake & Gravel): St. Thomas More School and Parish share the parking lot. Strict drop off and pick up procedures are in places as the safety of the children come first. The timed lot is where parents can park and walk their children to a lineup are at specific times. The snake line is where parents can drop off students without getting out of their cars. The gravel lot is where staff park and where parents can park if the will be outside the specific time frame for the time lot.

Principal Newsletter: A newsletter is published by the principal bi-monthy to keep parents and staff informed of what has happened and what will happen. It is published on the website and through emails.

STMS Native Plant Garden: the garden is located on the slope of the Middle school building and the parking lot of the east side of the campus. it was started with a Watershed grant from the City of Lynnwood and is an extension of the salon project the Fourth grade does the garden teaches us which plants growing by a river will help maintain healthy salmon habitat and watershed system. Students and parent volunteers maintain the garden two or three times a year.

Seeking Excellent Educational Development (SEED):┬áCalling our endowment fund SEED represent an educator’s work and a students learning, growing and blooming in order to share their time and talents. The first seeds of our endowment fund were planted in 1996. the balance of the fund surpasses 1 million dollars in 2017- Our Golden Anniversary. As Archbishop Oscar Romero said: ” We plant the seeds that one day will grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise”.

Specialists: Specialist are teachers who offer specific and specialized curriculum. STMS employs a Music teacher, a Physical Education Teacher, a Librarian, a computer teacher and MSL teacher an intervention teacher and an Art teacher, all during the school day. The band is a before school program.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLES) Portfolio: Students are given an SLE binder in Kindergarten to keep with them until Eight grade graduation. these portfolios show how the expectations of Active Christian, Community Participant, Self-confident and Loving Individual, Life-long Learner and Communicator are being met by highlighting student work.

Summer Learning Packets: Packets that go home with students over the summer to negate summer slide. the packets include Math and English Language Arts materials for students to complete and turn in at the beginning of the next school year.