School Closures

School closures

Should school need to be cancelled or the schedule changed, you will be notified in the following ways:

School Email to parents
School Voicemail message
News television stations and their respective websites.
STM social media (Twitter and Facebook)
A message on the STM Website

Helpful Links:

• STM web homepage:
• Twitter:
• Facebook:

Messages will be available as soon as a decision to cancel or delay school is made.

When school is open, but severe or harsh weather conditions exist, use your own best judgment about driving your child to school. The safety of our students and families, faculty and staff are the first priority. Teachers will work with your student to make up work if they are unable to attend school. Please notify the school if your student will be absent.

How to find out if the campus is closed:
In the event of snow, ice, high winds or other dangerous conditions, conditions will be assessed early in the morning and a decision made as soon as possible, and as early as possible, about whether to cancel or delay school. If no alert message is posted on the website, Facebook/Twitter or answering machine and no email stating otherwise, assume school is open.

When school is canceled, the campus is closed, classes are not held, administrative offices are closed and events and activities are also cancelled.

A Delayed start:
When a delayed start is called, classes and offices will begin at the announced start time for the day.

Closing early:
It is extremely rare that the school would close earlier than the daily dismissal time. But in the event that the school closes early all forms of communication will be used to notify parents. Make sure your emergency release information is up to date.

Additional safety information (see buttons below):
Take Winter by STORM: Tips, information and resources for Western Washington
Washington State Emergency Management: Preparedness for home, work, school; disaster assistance
Washington Dept. of Transportation: Road conditions, winter driving, mountain passes information


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